Best Tennis Accessories

Using the right tennis equipment can improve your enjoyment and performance on the tennis court. Nowadays there are a wide range of products on the market that can help you make the most of your time playing tennis with friends and family.

Many budding tennis players may think that tennis accessories are mainly wristbands and sun visors, but technology based tennis accessories are now widely available and taking the tennis world by storm.

You can now improve your time on the court by wearing perfromance enhancing clothes, improve your muscle recovery with sports accessories and nutritional drinks and use on court equipment for line calls and feeding tennis balls.

So, whichever way you are looking to improve your time out on the tennis court, we are sure there is an accessory for you!

The Best Tennis Accessories

Tennis accessories come in all shapes and sizes. From items of clothing, to equipment that helps you recover from a gruelling training session or match, to on court equipment and gifts.




Personalised Tennis Towels

Having your own tennis towel is a great accessory that brings a personal touch to the tennis court. It is easy to get towels mixed, not to mention unhygienic, so having your very own personalised towel is a great purchase for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one.

You may want to add your initials or a nickname to your custom made towel, or you could even add your favourite tennis or motivational quote to spur you on on the court!


Personalised Tennis Caps

Another great customisable tennis accessory is a tennis cap. All too often you can be caught without a cap on a sunny day, struggling to see your ball toss as you throw it up to serve. Not only does this negatively impact your game, but not having a cap with you can leave you exposed to excess sunlight and cause skin damage to your face and neck.

Therefore, investing in your own personalised tennis cap is a great accessory to bring on to court with you, as you are unlikely to forget your cap with a personal touch! You can also always pick yours out from the crowd!


Compression Shorts

Tennis can be a very gruelling and punishing sport on the body. Playing long matches where you are constantly stopping and starting, twisting and turning can take its toll on your muscles and joints. It is therefore very important to take care of your body whilst you are on the court, making sure to wear appropriate clothing for performance and recovery.

Wearing compression shorts is a great way to keep your muslces warm and supple both whilst you play and after you have finished your tennis session. The glutes, hamstrings and quads are used an awful lot when we play tennis, as we are effectively in a squatting position for most of the time we play.

These muscles are therefore under constant tension and need can easily stiffen up if they are not kept warm. Therefore, adding a pair of compression shorts to your wardrobe is a great way to improve your performance on the court and recovery off it.

Most major tennis apparel brands offer compression shorts, so no matter which company takes your fancy you can optimise your perfoemance with a pair of compression shorts!


Compression Socks

Another compression product that makes for a great tennis accessory are compression socks. These were generally used to reduce the risk of blood clots on long flights, but are also used by high level athletes to again optimise perfoemance and recovery of the lower legs.

Whilst we do place a lot of straing on the upper legs when we play tennis, the calf muscles are also used a lot for jumping, split stepping and small adjustment steps on the court. It is therefore equally important to ensure the calf muscles recover well, and if you are training hard and frequently it can be difficult for this to happen without compression socks.

So, compression socks are another great tennis accessory to add to your bag!



As we have mentioned, priotising your physical and mental recover should be a priority if you want to make your tennis schedule sustainable.

Therefore, adding some of these tennis accessories to your locker can be a great way to ensure you are prepared for a loaded tennis season!


Foam Roller

If you are looking to take your physical recovery seriously, a foam roller is absolutely essential for managing muscles soreness.

Using a foam roller on your legs and back can make a massive difference to how sore you feel after an intense tennis training session. Placing pressure on tight muscle knots can help relieve their tension and massively reduce the soreness you feel!

Foam rollers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some are made of harder materials than others, some have vibrating functions for further muscle relief and some are much longer than others.

The foam roller you end up going for will of course depend on your personal preferences and your budget, but we would highly recommend you invest in a foam roller of some description to make the most of your active recovery!


Protein Shakes

Diet and nutrition are fundemental parts of getting the best performance out of yourself on the tennis court. Having a healthy and balanced diet helps improve your recovery, boost your energy levels and helps to optimise your stamina so you can play for hours on court.

Getting enough protien in to your diet can be tricky, especially if you are not someone who eats meat. Protien helps to rebuild your muscles by repairing muscle tissue, so it is essential for reducing muscles soreness and ensuring your msucles actually get stronger after you have broken them down.

Therefore, adding protien shakes to your diet can be a very convenient way to increase your protien intake and ensure your muscles are fully recovered before your next training session. Make sure to add a protient shaker and some protien power to your tennis bag and consume it with water after your next intense tennis or gym session. We’re sure you’ll notice a difference!


Elbow and Knee Supports

Another great way to help reduce injuries on the tennis court and aid the recover of an existing injury or niggle is to make sure of elbow and knee supports.

No one wants to use a brace or support forever, but sometimes we want to play tennis even if we have a small injury, nigle or tweak. The knees and elbows tenis to be the joints that take the most repetitive strain in tennis, so these can be areas that are often left vulnerable to acute pain.

Using an elbow or knee support to releive some of the pressure on these joints can make the difference between feeling confident enough to step on to court or not. So, add one of these to your tennis bag and give them a try next time you feel an ache or pain if your elbow or knee, it may just save your tennis session.


Yoga Mat

Yoga and stretching are fantastic ways to relax your mind and body after a long day or an intense tennis session. Static stretching can help lengthen your muscles and reduce muscle soreness, enabling you to train hard day after day.

Adding a soft, supportive yoga mat to your tennis or gym bag means you can stretch anywhere in comfort. This an essential part of warming down after an intense session of physical activity, helping you avoid stiff and sore muscles!


On Court Equipment

Zepp 2 Swing and Match Analyser

Technology has become a permanent feature on the tennis court, and can be seen in a wide range of tennis accessories. Technology is becoming so advanced that portable racket attachments can analyse your swings and playing statistics, giving you valuable insights in to your progress on the court.

The Zepp 2 swing and match analyser makes the most of modern technologies, as it employs a state of the art motion sensor to measure your strokes. It analyses how often you hit the ball in the sweet spot of the racket, your ball speed, spin, time spent on court and swing type to give you a detailed picture of how your game stacks up against your rivals.

This tennis accessory fits on any tennis racket and allows you to keep a record of your data over time, so you can easily track your progress and see how your game is improving!

QLIPP Tennis Sensor

Another racket based tennis accessory is the QLIPP Tennis sensor. This fits on to your racket strings like a traditional shock absorber rather than most tennis sensors that clip on to the butt cap of the racket. This makes it more user friendly and does not upset your grip of the racket handle whatsoever.

Thanks to its unique position on the racket, the QLIPP tennis sensor gives incredibly accurate spin, power and contact point readings that are loaded in to their smartphone app. You can then analyse this data and share it with your friends, coach or rivals. This is a unique tennis smart sensor that is well worth a try if you are looking to get an extra edge out on court.

In/Out Line Call Device

Portable tennis technology has now reached the point of manufacturers being able to offer hand held tennis line calling systems that you and I can buy online!

Gone are the days when electronic line calling was reserved for professional tennis tournaments, you can now use the In/Out line calling device to call your lines automatically!

Simply position one or more of the sensors on the net post and it will automatically call a ball in or our with incredible accuracy. This tennis accessory is dubbed the ‘friendship saver’ as it promises to settle all of those line call disputes we see all too often at recreational tennis clubs.

This is a cost effective and portable alternative to the more traditional line calling devices, so it is well worth a try if you are looking to take the guess work out of calling your own lines!

Tennis Twist Ball Machine

Tennis ball machines are great for improving your game, regardless of whether you have a hitting partner or not. However, whilst tradiitonall ball machines tend to be very powerful and have a vast array of settings and functions, they can sometimes be cumbersome to move around and tend to be very expensive to buy.

However, the Tennis Twist ball machine is a cost effective, compact tennis ball machine that is able to ‘hand feed’ the ball to you from close range. This is a great alternative to the larger, more traditional ball machines that we have become used to.

It is well worth a try if you are looking for an extremely portable, lightweight ball feeding machine that can bring an additional element of fun to your time on or off the tennis court!


Overall, there are a wide range of different tennis accessories that can make your tennis sessions more fun, improve your performance on the court or optimise your recover off the court. Not all tennis accessories are necessary for all players, but adding a few of these to your tennis bag can certainly improve your time on court and are well worth looking in to if you are looking to take your tennis to the next level!

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