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Best Tennis Rackets For Power

If you are looking to maximise the power you can generate in your game, a power friendly racket can certainly help. Along with powerful strings, using a powerful racket can help you hit sledgehammer ground strokes!  Adding a powerful racket to your game can be a great...

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Best Tennis Shoes For Knee Pain

Having pain in your knees is unfortunately not an uncommon thing for budding tennis players. All of the constant twisting, turning, starting and stopping makes knee related injuries almost synonymous with the game of tennis. All of the best professional players in the...

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Best Tennis Rackets For Tennis Elbow

Picture the scene. The sun is out, you have opened a fresh tin of tennis balls and you are about to step on court and enjoy a game. Tennis really is irresistable sometimes, so much so that you can find yourself playing for hours and hours on end, day after day, week...

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Best Tennis Stringing Machines

Stringing your own tennis racket is a great skill to have. It can save you time, money and help you create your own small business. But, once you have learned how to string a tennis racket, you will then need to get yourself an appropriate stringing machine. However,...

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Best Kids Tennis Rackets

Buying a tennis racket for your child may not be the easiest task in the world. Kids may be heavily swayed by the rackets their peers are using, what their coach recommends or what their favourite professional player on TV is playing with at the time.  There can often...

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Tennis String Gauges Explained

Picking the perfect tennis string alone, can be a difficult task! With so many different string types out there, not to mention different manufactures and playing characteristics, cutting through the noise to find the right string for your game can require a lot of...

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Buying a Tennis Racket on a Budget

Tennis can be an expensive sport. When you factor in rackets, strings, balls, court hire, shoes and memberships it really does start to add up. One of the more expensive pieces of equipment you can save money on however are tennis rackets. If you are looking to buy...

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Best Tennis Strings For Power

If you are looking to inject some power into your game, there are a few different ways to go about it. You can decide to play with a more powerful racket, hit the gym with a new workout plan or loosen the tension of your strings.   But one often overlooked option for...

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Best Tennis Balls

For a keen tennis player, there’s arguably nothing better than cracking open a fresh can of tennis balls. Many players love the feeling of playing with brand new balls. They bounce higher, feel light and lively and travel faster through the air.  But, whilst new...

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How to String a Tennis Racket

Learning how to string a tennis racket is a great skill to have in your arsenal. It can save you time and money and allows you to be in control of your playing equipment. It is important to get your racket restrung regularly to preserve the life of the frame, stop it...

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The Best Tennis Strings

Want the honest truth about the best tennis strings? They doesn’t exist. Sorry to disappoint! Keep reading though, as you’re about to discover that there are actually many, many “best tennis strings”, depending on the individual. It’s all about finding the right setup...

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The Best Tennis String Tension Guide

Choosing your tennis racket tension can be a slightly daunting process to begin with. A quick search online will reveal a staggering amount of possible string tensions and types; often leaving tennis players no closer to understanding tension choice and more confused...

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