Wilson Clash vs Head Gravity (Full Racket Comparison For 2023)

Picking the perfect tennis racket isn’t always easy for the recreational tennis player. There are so many brands out there to start with, then breaking those down into different model lines, and finally ending up with the correct weight, head size and exact racket you like is no easy task! Wilson and Head are two of the most prestigious racket brands out there, but which one should you choose?

Both brands have ventured down the route of offering comfortable, powerful and plush rackets with their Clash and Gravity models. These are user-friendly rackets that are suitable for all levels of experience in the game of tennis, offering plenty of margin for error without compromising on performance! But the question still remains, which racket is best? Well, let’s take a closer look and find out!

Who Are Wilson?

Wilson is a prestigious tennis racket brand that has been around for over a century now!

The American tennis racket manufacturer became incredibly popular in the mid 1980s, introducing the kevlar derived Pro Staff in 1984.

However, since the early 2000s, Wilson has introduced a number of different racket lines in order to compete with the likes of Head and Babolat.

The most recent model to hit the Wilson line up is the Clash. It promises to combine feel, power, spin and stability into the same racket, a feat that many big brands have tried and failed to do over the years.

Let’s hope Wilson has finally pulled it off!

Who Are Head?

Head are another major player in the tennis racket space. Their bats have been used by some of the greatest players of all time, including Novak Djokoivc, Andy Murray and Andre Agassi.

They have revolutionised racket technology and manufacturing processes over the last decade or so, refreshing many of their heritage model lines to bring them up to modern standards.

However, the Gravity is one of their newest and most forgiving rackets to date, promising a super smooth feel, along with plenty of power and performance.

Wilson Clash

Comfortable rackets have become a lot more popular from many manufacturers in recent years.

The appetite for a performance racket that doesn’t have to give you tennis elbow has increased massively in the recreational tennis market!

Wilson’s answer is the Clash. The latest version has a bold red design that is meant to stand out from the crowd, as well as offering plenty of power and comfort on the court.

Usually, a comfortable racket may lack feel and tactilite due to the extra damping and shock absorption that is added to the racket.

However, the new FORTYFIVE technology amongst other advancements means the Clash feels remarkably stable whilst also being plush and feelsome.

Stiffer rackets tend to send vibrations up your arm too, which is often the price you pay for having a powerful racket. This is not the case with the Clash though, as it manages to blend stability and power with comfort and feel.


The Wilson Clash comes in a range of different models, listed below:

  • Clash 100
  • Clash 100 Pro
  • Clash 98
  • Clash 100L
  • Clash 100UL
  • Clash 108.

Who it is Aimed at

The Wilson Clash is aimed at beginner to intermediate players that need a comfortable racket with plenty of margin for error, but also want a great feel on the ball.

It is also very easy to swing and generates plenty of power, so if you have a more compact swing but still want a lot of pop on your shots, the Clash is well worth a try.

Head Gravity

The Gravity by Head is supposed to be their most comfortable and user friendly racket, offering plenty of power and a tonne of vibration damping.

Gravity rackets offer a lot of spin and feel too, so no matter what your game style, a Gravity racket can suit your game.

They are particularly good performers on the doubles court, as the enhanced feel and comfort makes serving and volleying a lot more accessible.


There are a number of Head Gravity models to choose from, including:

  • Gravity Pro
  • Gravity MP
  • Gravity Tour
  • Gravity Lite
  • Gravity S.

Who it is Aimed at

The Head Gravity is aimed at beginner to intermediate players that want a plush feel, plenty of power and enough feel to use a variety of shots in their game.

Whilst it is not the most stable racket in the world, it can definitely hold its own from the baseline.

If you are a slightly less experienced player or perhaps have suffered from arm issues in the past and want to use a softer racket, the Gravity is certainly up your street!

Which is Better?

Both the Wilson Clash and Head Gravity are great comfort rackets that offer a lot of power, spin and surprisingly good feel.

The Clash is definitely the more solid feeling of the two rackets, so will offer a little more power and plough through from the baseline.

However, the Gravity is extremely soft and forgiving, making it perfect for a slightly older player or one that has suffered from tennis elbow in the past.

Both rackets have a range of models in their line up to choose from, so it is definitely worth experimenting with the different weight and head sizes to see which suits you best.

It is tough to say which racket is better overall, but it can be argued that the Wilson Clash suits a baseline game slightly better, whereas the Head Gravity is better suited to an all court game style.


Overall, both the Wilson Clash and Head Gravity are fantastic comfort rackets that will serve the beginner to intermediate recreational tennis community very well.

There are a range of different weights to choose from with both of these racket lines, so there is something for everyone!

The Clash is the more solid feeling and powerful of the two rackets, whereas the Gravity is softer, easier to swing and slightly more forgiving.

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