Best Tennis Bloopers of All Time

We tend to think of professional tennis players as supreme athletes that have poise, grit and determination.

This is of course true the vast majority of the time, however even the world’s elite players slip up from time to time!

We talk a lot at about technique, tactics and how to improve your game, but sometimes it is good to remember that the best players in the world are human too.

Even the top professionals have bloopers, mishaps and funny moments out on court.

So, sit back and enjoy our collection of the best professional tennis bloopers!

16 Best Tennis Bloopers


Serena Williams “Drunk” at Wimbledon

Serena Williams is famed for being one of tennis’s most fierce competitors.

She is renowned for being one of the most determined and focussed players on the court, always giving her best no matter what the situation.

However, whilst playing doubles with her sister Venus at the 2014 Championships at Wimbledon, Serena seemed to lose her focus a bit…

She was unbalanced, uncoordinated and seemed to be acting ‘drunk’.

The sisters were forced to retire after hitting a game worth of double faults.

Whatever the issues were with Serena that day, it didn’t make for good viewing.

Andy Murray Cutting His Own Hair

It is not uncommon to see tennis players make changes to their equipment, change their clothes or adjust their string tensions throughout a tennis match.

However, something that we have never seen before is a player… giving himself a haircut.

But, this is exactly what happened in Andy Murray’s match against Rafael Nadal at the 2015 ATP World Tour Finals!

Andy had much longer, frizzy hair back when he first emerged on tour, but he clearly wasn’t happy with his trim in this match, so decided to give himself a cut!

Benoit Paire Being… Benoit Paire

Benoit Paire is one of the most entertaining players on the ATP World Tour.

It may not always be for the right reasons, but he is certainly good value if you are looking for fun in a tennis match.

The exuberant Frenchman is known for being very vocal when challenging line calls, getting frustrated at his own performance levels and overall bringing some fun to the tennis court.

He has played football tennis with Jo-Wilfred Tsonga, smashed more rackets than you can shake a stick at and ended up on his backside more times than he’d care to mention!

So, here is a compilation of Benoit Paire’s funniest moments on court. One moment really doesn’t do it justice!

Mardy Fish Needs a Lift

Indian Wells in 2015 saw one of the more comical moments in Masters 1000 history, as American player Mardy Fish had a close encounter with the net.

Here, Mardy gets a bit tangled up after chasing down a drop shot played by his opponent Ryan Harrison.

Harrison does the sporting thing and helps Mardy up from his precarious position, but it makes for very funny viewing nonetheless!

Andy Roddick Hits a Unique Serve

Andy Roddick is known for having one of the fastest serves of all time.

The American’s powerful weapon held the world record for the fastest serve for a long period of time, clocking in at 155MPH!

However, one of the strangest and greatest serves ever hit occurred back in 2007 when he served a ball into a clay court, and it didn’t bounce out!

This is one of the most bizarre occurrences ever on a tennis court and something we have never seen before or since!

Missing Racket

At the 2011 Australian Open, Agnieszka Radwanska’s racket takes a turn for the worse as she hits a return.

The racket head completely detached from the grip, leaving Aga with a less than ideal piece of playing equipment!

Noah Rubin’s Shoes Fail Him

Tennis players these days will commonly slide around the court, putting immense strain on their bodies and shoes.

We have seen laces break and even shoes come off of a player’s feet during the match, but very rarely does a shoe actually come apart on court.

However, in a bizarre turn of events at the 2018 Washington Open, this happened to American player Noah Rubin.

After returning John Isner’s serve, the sole of Rubin’s shoe detaches from the upper layer, leaving him completely flat footed!

Novak Djokovic Has Some Balance Issues

Novak Djokovic is known for being one of the most physically gifted players on the tennis court.

His balance, flexibility and strength has put him in contention as being one of the greatest players of all time.

However, back in the 2013 Shanghai Masters 1000 final against Juan-Martin Del Potro, you would have never thought that to be the case.

Djokovic has some very uncharacteristic balance issues in this clip, which he seems to blame on his shoes.

Roger Federer Hits 3 Double Faults in a Row

The Roger Federer serve is one of the greatest in professional tennis.

What it lacks in outright pace it more than makes up for in consistency, precision and disguise.

It places Federer at number 3 on the all time aces count, behind monstrous servers John Isner and Ivo Karlovic.

His second serve is one of the most impressive elements, being so consistent and actually winning Roger a lot of points, whereas for most players this would be a weakness.

However, in the 2012 Shanghai Masters semi-final against Andy Murray, Federer’s consistency deserted him early on in the match.

The Swiss Maestro hit 3 consecutive double faults, practically handing Murray an early break in the match.

Roger Federer Forgets the Score… On Match Point

Most professional tennis players approach the game in a serious, ice cool way.

At the end of the day it is their job, so they do need to take it seriously.

However, once a match is over most players will let out a sign of relief and at minimum a muted celebration.

This is understandable as so many prize money, prestige and ranking points are on the line.

However, Roger Federer seemed so in the zone whilst playing Kei Nishikori at the 2014 Halle Open, that he forgot he had won the match!

This provided an awkward moment at the net when Federer embarrassingly shook Nishikori’s hand, but it still made us laugh nonetheless!

Bernard Tomic Misses the Target

At the 2013 Citi Open, Bernard Tomic produced one of the worst misses we have ever seen.

As the controversial Aussie was running down a drop shot played by Juan-Martin Del Potro, it seemed like a straightforward bunt up the line would suffice.

However, Tomic attempted a counter drop shot which ended up way in the tramlines.

This resulted in an embarrassing miss for the young Australian, proving that even the professionals are human too!

Yang Zhaoxuan Breaks Net with Serve

During a doubles match in the Hobart WTA tournament, Yang Zhaoxuan manages to break the net after a first serve!

It seems she actually took out the net cord itself, much to the amusement of the crowd, players and umpire.

Clearly, the groundsman needs to do a better job!

Roger Federer Gets Distracted

Roger Federer is not usually one to break his focus.

He is a serious player with one of the best poker faces in the sport. Sometimes, reading his emotions can be very difficult.

However, Jack Sock gave us a laugh at the ATP World Tour finals in 2017 when he hit a drop volley.

This ball popped up high in the air right near the net, an easy put away for a junior player, let alone the great Roger Federer.

However, as Federer was approaching the net, Sock decided to distract him by turning around and showing his backside to Federer.

This was enough to put the Swiss maestro off and he actually missed the shot in the net!

Novak Djokovic Accidentally Hits Ball

Whilst playing at the 2015 French Open, Novak Djokovic had an embarrassing moment, the likes of which are barely seen in professional tennis.

As his opponent Giles Muller hit a high defensive return that was clearly going to land out, Djokovic takes his eye off the ball and allows it to hit his racket’s frame accidentally.

This actually lost him an otherwise easy point!

This serves as another reminder that even the game’s elite players lose concentration from time to time!

Novak Djokovic Tags Roger Federer

During the 2018 Laver Cup exhibition tournament, two of the game’s greats Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic teamed up to play doubles and represent team Europe.

They took on Kevin Anderson and Jack Sock in a hotly contested encounter.

The match was hotting up nicely, when early in the match, Djokovic hit a forehand that tagged Federer right in the back!

This was a heart in the mouth moment for all tennis fans in attendance, let alone Djokovic himself!

The ball was struck pretty hard so could have caused some significant pain, but Federer being the cool, calm and collected customer shrugged it off.

Djokovic felt visibly sorry and the pair both laughed it off.

Tommy Haas Distracts Roger Federer

Players purposely distracting each other is usually reserved for exhibition matches.

It can be funny for fans but a bit frustrating for the players themselves.

When it is seen in professional tournaments, it is often at times when one player has a significant lead and the match is no longer being taken as seriously.

This was the case when Tommy Haas deliberately distracted Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2009.

Luckily the two players are good friends and there were no hard feelings, but Haas clearly waved his arms around as he was chasing down Federer’s drop shot, which led to Federer missing his lob reply.

Federer went on to win the tournament, defeating Andy Roddick in an epic 5 set final.

Takeaways: Best Tennis Bloopers of All Time

Sometimes, we have to sit back and enjoy the funny moments in professional tennis.

The last few decades have seen the sport become very serious, with much more commercialism and professionalism in the sport.

This means the stakes are always higher throughout the professional ranks, from those just trying to make a living right up to the game’s elite.

However, when rare moments of entertainment present themselves, we should grab them with both hands and laugh! Taking a look at the best tennis bloopers are a great opportunity to poke fun at the players we have come to know and love.

Final Thoughts

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