Lorenzo Musetti Racket and Strings (Discover Musetti’s Racket Secrets)

Lorenzo Musetti is one of the most talented young stars of the ATP Next Gen. He has a very flamboyant game that is exciting and versatile. He likes to play with creativity, flair and is equally happy being aggressive as he is sitting back behind the baseline and defending.

He has had a pretty steady rise up the ATP rankings, which has seen him have some standout performances against the likes of Novak Djokovic at the French Open in 2021.

He currently sits at 30 in the world, and at just 20 years old he is closing in on the top of the men’s game. Musetti has actually tested a few rackets and has recently changed his equipment choices as of late, so it will be interesting to see how this impacts his game and results.

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Musetti’s Racket

Lorenzo Musetti used the Head Boom Pro, a newly released racket from Head with a unique design.

The Boom Pro is a power friendly racket that has a more rounded hoop at the top of the frame, which places the sweet spot higher up the string bed.

This allows players like Musetti to get more easy pace on their shots without having to put in any extra effort.

However, he then switched back to his original Head Extreme Tour Pro Stock seeking more control from the racket. Interestingly though, this racket is still painted to look like the Boom Pro, which Musetti endorses.

Pro stock rackets are by their very nature quite changeable in terms of spec. These are not rackets you or I can buy from the local pro shop, but instead are painted like rackets that we can buy.

Therefore, it can be difficult to know the exact specs of every pro stock racket, but we do our best.

Whilst on the face of it the Extreme Tour seems like it would suit Lorenzo’s long swings, he is clearly looking to stamp his authority on the court and add more power to his game.

He may look to change to a different racket in the future and add more power to his game since he has been testing different rackets a lot lately, but only time will tell.

The Boom Pro has a stand out fluorescent teal colour scheme that is unlike anything that Head has released before.

Racket Specs

Racket: Head Extreme Tour Pro Stock

Strung Weight: 323g

Lead Tape: No

Length: 27in

Swingweight: 318

Grip: Hydrosorb Pro with Head Prime Tour Overgrip

String Pattern: 16×19

Musetti’s String

Lorenzo Musetti uses a hybrid string setup of Head Hawk Touch in the Mains and Head Lynx Tour in the crosses.

This gives him a great combination of feel, control and enough power to get the most out of his long and flowing swings.

Musetti likes to move his opponents around and then finish them with a killer blow, or a delicate drop shot.

He uses his string combination to his advantage, as it also pairs well with his Extreme Tour racket to offer him control, spin and touch.

Head Hawk Touch is a softer polyester that offers plenty of control but also a more supple feel, whilst Head Lynx Tour is a slightly more touch friendly string that offers a more tactile connection with the ball.

Why Are These Combinations a Good Choice for Lorenzo?

Firstly, let’s talk about Lorenzo Musetti’s racket. His choice of the Head Extreme Tour Pro stock actually makes a lot of sense when you consider how he plays tennis.

He likes to hit with a lot of racket head speed and generate a tonne of spin, which is exactly what the Extreme is designed for.

It is a very aerodynamic racket that cuts through the air very efficiently, but also is weighty enough to give him plenty of stability and control.

Control and spin are key elements of Musetti’s game. Whilst he likes ripping heavy groundstrokes from the baseline to wear his opponents down, he can also pull the trigger on an acute angle, drop shot or blistering flat ball.

The young italian really likes to play with his prey before pouncing on them, and this is something that having a spin friendly racket with a control and touch friendly string combination really helps him to do.

Given that he is looking to gain experience with more powerful rackets such as the Boom Pro, Musetti’s goal seems to be adding more power to his game.

He has suffered from cramping and injuries in the past, so perhaps his aim for the future is to shorten the rallies and rely more on his hand skills and attacking tennis to win points.

Thinking About Your Own Game

There are two main things that we can take from Lorenzo Musetti’s racket and string setup and apply to our own games.

The first is that he understands his own game and uses rackets and strings that compliment his natural abilities.

Lorenzo is a flair player with long swings and he also likes to play with strings that give him plenty of feel on the ball. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and wants to fill any gaps he has, whilst improving his weapons.

The second thing is that he is willing to try new equipment to try and add to his arsenal.

Even at the professional level, Musetti is happy to try out a completely new racket with different specs and a more powerful construction to see if it adds an extra edge.

This again is something that we can all learn from. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to give something else a go, rather than being stuck in the mud!

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