Babolat Pure Drive vs Pure Aero vs Pure Strike

Trying to compare the Babolat Pure Drive vs Pure Aero vs Pure Strike?

Choosing the right racket can make a big difference to your game, so we’ve researched Babolat’s most popular racket models to give you the complete guide.

Here’s our in-depth guide to Babolat Pure Drive vs Pure Aero vs Pure Strike.

Pure Drive vs Pure Aero vs Pure Strike: Everything You Need to Know

Babolat is one of the oldest and most well-recognized brands in the tennis world. They started out producing tennis strings back in 1875, and the French brand has been in the tennis business for nearly 150 years! 

It may be a surprise to know, therefore, that Babolat only started producing tennis rackets in 1994, and up until then had only focussed on tennis strings. They have a few different models out there, and we will be focusing on the Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike in this article. 

We will take a closer look at the models in detail, considering which type of player would suit each racket, the range of models in each racket line, and the merits and drawbacks of each model.

Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive has been hailed as one of the most powerful rackets ever. This stiff, thick, beamed stick is the perfect companion for a powerful player who wants to stamp their authority onto the court with big hitting and aggression! 

Players like Kim Clijsters, Andy Roddick, Fabio Fognini, and Carlos Moya have all enjoyed the large sweet spot and insane power of the Pure Drive. 

The pure drive range is aimed at pure ball strikers who want to maximize their effortless power and command the court.

A Quick Summary of Babolat’s Pure Drive Range

Pure drive tennis rackets have paved the way for many other big racket brands to shift their focus from control to power, suiting the modern game. Over the past couple of decades, technology in tennis has evolved, courts have gotten slower, and players have gotten physically and mentally stronger. 

This has meant that players now demand more power and spin from their rackets to keep up with the modern game! This is where the Pure Drive comes into its own. It offers effortless power for players that want to blast their opponents off the court in one fell swoop!

The Different Rackets in the Pure Drive Range

Here is the full suite of Babolat’s Pure Drive rackets and a short description of each specific model.

Pure Drive

The original Pure Drive is a powerful racket but strikes a good balance between power and spin, with a hint of comfort in newer models to mellow out the feel of the racket. 

Pure Drive Team

The Pure Drive Team is a slightly lighter and easier-to-swing version of the original. This is perfect for players that want additional power and something easier on the arm. This offers a good middle ground between usability and performance. 

Pure Drive VS

The Pure Drive VS is the slightly more control-orientated, spin-friendly version of the original pure drive. This is an easy-to-swing racket with a slightly smaller head than the original, perfect for performance players who want to rip up the court with racket head speed and RPMs! 

Pure Drive Plus

The Pure Drive Plus is a more forgiving, extended-length version of the original powerhouse! It is perfect if you want a bit more reach, leverage, and comfort from your pure drive racket.


Pure Drive Tour

The heaviest and most performance-orientated racket in the pure drive range is the Tour. This stick is perfect for strong, athletic players that can generate most of their own racket head speed and want a heavier racket to act as a sledgehammer! 

Pure Drive Tour Plus

Grand slam champion Andy Roddick used this extended-length, weighty version of the pure drive. The Pure Drive Tour Plus is perfect for players who want even more power, plow through and leverage out of their pure drive racket. 

Pure Drive 107

This oversized version of the pure drive is the most forgiving version of the power-friendly line. The Pure Drive 107’s large sweet spot and lighter weight make it incredibly accessible for players with shorter swings. 

Pure Drive Lite

The Pure Drive Lite is perfect for beginner or junior players looking to maximize their racket head speed and power. As the name suggests, this light version of the pure drive is a real featherweight!

Is the Babolat Pure Drive the Right Racket for Me?

Since the Babolat pure drive is a very powerful racket well suited to big hitters looking to maximize their power, players who like to dominate from the baseline and blast their opponents off the court will really like it. 

If you need more support finding the perfect racket, check out our custom fitting service. We offer expert advice and guidance to give you the perfect racket, string, and tension combinations to suit your game.

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Babolat Pure Aero

Despite Babolat only coming into the tennis racket game in recent years, the Pure Aero is actually the best-selling model of all time!

Since Rafa Nadal, the king of clay, has endorsed it for so long, it is clear to see why. The spin that pure aero rackets can generate is unlike anything else, and with spin being such an important part of the modern game, no wonder the pure aero is so popular.

A Quick Summary of Babolat’s Pure Aero Range

The Babolat pure aero is aimed at the modern player who wants to boss their opponents around with plenty of heavy topspin.

Just like Nadal dominates players with his weighty topspin forehand, you too can push your opponents back with heavy spin thanks to the Pure Aero’s unique, spin-friendly design.

The Different Rackets in the Pure Aero Range

Here is the full lineup of rackets in the pure aero range! 

Pure Aero

The original Pure Aero appeals to the player who wants a well-balanced racket, focussing more on the spin side of things. Some people say the pure aero is too stiff, but Babolat has made a conscious effort to make recent models more supple and arm-friendly. The pure aero offers a great blend of power, spin, and control.  

Pure Aero Lite

The Pure Aero Lite is the perfect racket for junior players or beginners new to the game. It is incredibly easy to swing and therefore will help generate as much racket head speed as you need. 

Pure Aero VS

The Pure Aero VS is an even more spin-orientated version of the original spin machine! The smaller head size makes it even more geared towards control, feel, and performance, making this a great choice for intermediate to advanced-level players that compete a lot.

Pure Aero Tour

The Pure Aero Tour is the heaviest and most performance-focused racket in the lineup. This weighty stick offers a tonne of spin and plenty of plow-through, perfect for big baseline hitters.

Pure Aero VS Tour

The Pure Aero VS Tour is a fantastic racket for players who need control, spin, and plow-through all in the same racket! For intermediate to advanced-level players, this racket is not for the faint-hearted!

Pure Aero Plus

The Babolat Pure Aero Plus is the perfect racket for players who want the spin of the original but also want a bit more power and leverage. The extended length is great for additional reach and offers a bit more forgiveness. 

Pure Aero Team

Babolat’s Pure Aero Team is a great option for a beginner to intermediate player who likes the original but just wants something slightly more manageable to swing.

Is the Babolat Pure Aero the Right Racket for Me?

If you are an all-round baseliner who loves to rip balls with plenty to spin, the pure aero is your racket! It is perfect for players who want to maximize their racket head speed and push their opponents around with angles and heavy groundstrokes.

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Babolat Pure Strike

The Babolat Pure Strike is one of the newer models in the line up. It replaces the pure storm, which is Babolat’s answer to the very control oriented Wilson Pro Staff and Blade models.

A Quick Summary of Babolat’s Pure Strike Range

The Babolat Pure Strike has become a popular racket amongst players with attacking game styles. Its stiffness, controlled frame, and optimum balance make it perfect for a player who likes to take big cuts at the ball but also get up the court and dominate at the net whenever possible. 

Players like Dominic Thiem, Jo Wilfred Tsonga, and Brandon Nakashima have all used the pure strike to their advantage, making the most of its control and crisp feel.


The Different Rackets in the Pure Strike Range

Here is a breakdown of the Babolat pure strike models so you know exactly what you’re searching for!

Pure Strike

The original Pure Strike is a well-balanced tennis racket that focuses on control and offering feel above power and spin. The pure strike comes in 16×19 form for more spin and a lively feel or an 18×20 string pattern for a more controlled experience. 

Pure Strike VS

The Pure Strike VS is arguably the most control-focused racket in the whole Babolat lineup. Whilst it is not the heaviest version of the Pure Strike, it does have a smaller frame and is easier to swing than the weighty tour version, so it is perfect for precision players who like to dominate at the net. 

Pure Strike Tour

The heaviest version of the pure strike is the Tour version. This is perfect for players that have big swings and need a bit more weight in their racket to contain their raw power!

Pure Strike Team

The Babolat Pure Strike Team is a slightly lighter, easier-to-swing version of the original racket. This makes it perfect for improving beginners or intermediate players that just want a racket that is a little easier to handle! 

Pure Strike 100

The Pure Strike 100 is a slightly more forgiving version of the original stick, as the head size is slightly more generous. The larger sweet spot this offers makes it a more comfortable, powerful, and well-rounded racket to play with without compromising on feel or control. 

Is the Babolat Pure Drive the Right Racket for Me?

If you are an aggressive player who likes to hit a few big shots from the baseline and then attack the net at any given opportunity, the Babolat pure strike is the racket for you!

This racket’s feel, control, and spin makes it perfect for an all-court game.

Pure Drive vs Pure Aero vs Pure Strike: Struggling to Decide Between the Three?

The Babolat Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike models are all fantastic tennis racket choices for players at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of tennis. Each model suits different game styles, and there are plenty of variants to choose from based on your specific needs. 

However, finding the right tennis racket is hard at the best of times. With so many different models, brands, and variants to choose from, sifting through them all can be a challenge. Not to mention pairing your chosen racket with the right strings and then knowing what tension to use!

That’s why we wanted to make the process of choosing the perfect racket easier.

It’s why we developed our custom fitting service. We offer expert advice for players of all ages and experience levels all over the world. 

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Now Take Your Game to the Next Level

Overall, there isn’t exactly a perfect racket in the world. The truth is, the perfect racket is the one that fits your game best!

However, Babolat is an incredibly popular brand in tennis, so it makes sense that we offer an overview of their most popular models. 

The Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike all have their merits for different reasons:

  • Pure Drives are perfect for power players
  • Pure Aeros are spin-friendly for heavy hitters
  • Pure Strikes are precision tools for attacking players. 

That being said, here are some more free resources for you to help find your perfect tennis racket:

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