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About Prince

American racket company Prince offers a wide variety of rackets to suit all styles of play. With four major racket families, the Tour, Phantom, Beast, and Warrior, players of all standards are bound to find a high-quality option to suit their game. 

With tour pros including John Isner and the Bryan brothers you can see some high-level tennis being played with these sticks, but they perhaps don’t have as many pros who they sponsor as some of the other brands. 

This shouldn’t take away from the quality of the Prince rackets though as they make some extremely popular sticks. Here at we’re big fans of this brand, so have fun picking out your ideal Prince racket!

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The Prince Range

Prince Subcategories 

Prince rackets can be a little bit confusing because they come with very different frames. When you look at the end of the name of your racket it will often have letters such as P and O2 and it can be a touch confusing as to what these signify. 

Like with many racket companies, Prince uses “L” to signify their lighter rackets. These sticks are a bit more maneuverable than their heavier counterparts and are a great option for more beginner players. 


T stands for Team. It’s a similar weight category to the Babolat Team rackets and these sticks are weighted for beginner and intermediate players. 


The P is pretty confusing – according to Tennis Warehouse who we had to steal the answer from here it doesn’t mean anything, except it is normally used for slightly heavier models. 


O2 signifies the rackets that have Prince’s signature O2 ports. Rather than grommets where the string goes through, these are replaced by larger holes (O2 ports,) which are aimed at adding extra comfort to the rackets.