Feel Tennis Review

The internet has provided a wide range of ways to learn new tennis skills.

Youtube, Google and Instagram offer content creators, coaches and professional players a platform to display their skills and help recreational players improve their games.

Although this is a great opportunity for budding tennis players to learn from some of the best coaches out there for free, with so many online coaching platforms and courses available it can become a bit overwhelming.

The fact that there is so much competition nowadays means distinguishing between legitimate tennis instructors and less than reputable ones has become increasingly difficult.

One of the most popular and well rounded online tennis platforms is Feel Tennis.

They started their Youtube channel back in 2006 and have amassed over 181,000 subscribers.

Their channel also has over 41 million views, making it incredibly impressionable on the tennis audience.

Feel Tennis also has a useful website that houses their online coaching course portfolio, blog and tennis tips sections.

However, there are plenty of other online tennis platforms out there such as Essential Tennis, Martin Method, Fuzzy Yellow Balls and Tennis Evolution.

So, what sets Feel Tennis apart from the crowd? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out!

What Is Feel Tennis?

Feel Tennis is an online tennis instruction company that offers basic and advanced technical training for recreational tennis players.

The Feel Tennis founder Tomaz Mencinger is a professional tennis coach with many years of experience in both online and in person tennis instruction.

Tomas actually started his online tennis coaching journey with a website focussing on the mental and tactical sides of the game, as he felt there was not enough information on this available to budding tennis players.

His philosophy revolves around tactile coaching, meaning he focuses on how a player feels the ball, how they time their shots and how they can use rhythm to improve their game.

This differs from a lot of online tennis coaching platforms that focus primarily on mechanics, technique and footwork.

Tomas believes that if you can improve your judgement on the tennis court you will play more effortlessly and your game will reach new heights!

Feel Tennis operates using a very popular Youtube channel that offers free coaching and tennis tips, as well as a well designed website that houses their online courses and members area.

So, let’s dive into what makes these elements of the Feel Tennis platform so successful!

Feel Tennis YouTube Channel

Feel Tennis is best known for their presence on Youtube. Their number of views is simply staggering!

They have a handful of videos with over 1 million views, which is very impressive considering their number of subscribers.

Clearly, their content resonates with a lot of recreational tennis players the world over, and when you watch their videos it is easy to see why!

Unlike the vast majority of content creators out there, especially in the online tennis coaching community, Feel Tennis are very straight forward with their video titles and you get exactly what you expect from them. There’s no click bait with these guys!

The great thing about their videos is that they are quite varied in length, depth and the playing level they are aimed at.

This means that no matter whether you are a complete novice or a club pro, you can learn from the Feel Tennis Youtube channel!

Their Youtube videos are professionally put together and they really make you feel like you’re in safe hands.

Tomas comes across well on camera, he explains his points in an appropriate amount of detail for the intended audience and it is clear to see that he is very experienced.

Feel Tennis makes great use of Youtube’s sectioning feature, so you can skip to the part of the video that is most relevant to you.

This helps to make their content even more accessible to a wider audience.

If you are looking for some specific advice, review or tip, then you can find it in their playlists section.

This categorises their videos and makes it very easy to navigate their channel page.

So, the Feel Tennis Youtube channel is clearly a raving success. Their videos are straight to the point, helpful and offer insights beyond the obvious.

They are one of the few tennis instruction Youtube channels out there that deliver exactly what you expect in every single video, making them even more authentic.

Feel Tennis Website

Where the Feel Tennis Youtube channel is a one stop shop for all of your quick tennis tips, video analysis and technical pointers, their website is a peek behind the curtain at what makes their instruction so successful.

Their website is cleanly designed and very easy to navigate. You can see customer testimonials on the home page and a brief introduction to the coaching philosophy.

There is also a promotional section for their most popular online tennis coaching courses so you can explore those straight away, along with the option to join their mailing list and benefit from their 3 part second serve improvement course.

There is a lot of content on the Feel Tennis website but it is very easy to access.

If you go to the courses section, you’ll see products to improve specific shots such as serve, forehand and backhand as well as guides to the mental and tactical side of the game.

You can even improve your tennis from the ground up with their step by step beginners guide, so there really is something for everyone!

Their courses are very reasonably priced for the level of content you are getting.

The shot specific courses sit at just under $100 and the mental, tactical and beginner guides are all under $50.

This puts them at a much lower price point than most of their rivals, yet their content really is some of the best.

That being said, it is well worth exploring their Youtube channel before you go ahead with purchasing some of their paid for courses, so you can get a feel for Tomas’s coaching style.

You may even find the answer to your problems from their Youtube channel for free!

Once you buy a course you will be able to access the exclusive members area, which unlocks additional tennis content.

The Feel Tennis website also offers some in depth analysis, coaching and technical breakdowns in the form of articles and blog posts.

Not only does Tomas use his wealth of coaching experience to explain technical and tactical pointers through words, but he also embeds videos to explain his views.

This makes his content a lot more interactive and really brings his online articles to life.

He breaks down each shot into specific technical areas but explains it in a down to earth way that is easy for players of all levels to understand.

Another useful element of the Feel Tennis articles is the comments section.

Each post has like minded tennis fans adding their thoughts and discussion points, making for a lot of interesting debate!

What’s more, Tomas responds to every comment which makes for great engagement on his content.

So, the Feel Tennis is a great place to explore and deep dive into tennis tips, analysis and coaching points.

If you are looking for a more content rich place to improve your game, be sure to check it out!

Takeaways: Feel Tennis

Overall, Feel Tennis is one of the most authentic online tennis instruction platforms out there.

Their long standing Youtube channel has been pivotal to their online success, as it has brought in tens of millions of views to their content.

Their videos are direct and to the point, whilst having a good level of explanation and setting the scene so you know what you’re learning about.

Their founder is clearly a knowledgeable and experienced coach that is adept at explaining his concepts in an accessible way, making his coaching points accessible to players at all levels.

The Feel Tennis website is also a great destination for improving your tennis.

Their articles are surprisingly useful and feature multiple forms of media, helping to make them even more engaging and constructive.

They offer paid for courses so you can get even closer to Tomas and his personal tennis instruction.

These are reasonably priced compared to the competition and represent great value for money.

So, if you are looking for a no nonsense, authentic online tennis instruction platform that does exactly what it says on the tin, then look no further than Feel Tennis!

Final Thoughts

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