The Best Online Tennis Coaching (Improve Your Game From Home)

Online tennis coaching is a great way to improve your game from the comfort of your own. Learning technique, fitness, footwork and the tactical and mental sides of the game without needing to actually get onto a tennis court really opens up the world of tennis coaching. Greater accessibility to high quality online tennis instruction means more players across the globe can get better at the game they love!

However, the advent of more and more online tennis coaches makes for stiff competition in this sector. Are all online tennis coaches online all they make out to be? We pitch the best online tennis coaching platforms that will help improve your game from home against each other!

Why is Online Tennis Coaching Important?

Online tennis coaching has made improving your skills away from the court easier than ever.

You can take the help of expert coaches around with you in your pockets, helping you save on individual coaching fees at your local club.

But, what actually makes online tennis coaching great?

Well, the first criteria we will be looking at is how easy the coaching provider is to use.

It’s all well and good having a great tennis coaching product, but if it is clunky and difficult to navigate, the user experience will be ruined.

Related to this point is how well presented the course is laid out. An aesthetically pleasing home page and an organised content chapter structure makes it so much easier for players to digest the content.

Speaking of content, high quality video recordings and text that’s easy to read are also very important. Again, this plays into the ease of use category.

The quality of tennis instruction is of course the most important factor overall. Presentation makes the content easy to consume, but high quality instructional content should be informative, easy to understand, accessible and concise.

There is a tough balance to strike between an online course being too detailed whilst remaining concise.

Ideally, online tennis coaching programmes should cover all angles of each focus point, related to progressive levels of playing experience.

There’s no point only aiming content at high performance players, as the beginner to intermediate club player market is huge worldwide.

Another thing to consider is the background and experience of the tennis coaches themselves.

Not everyone needs to have been top 10 in the world, but having a decent level of credibility comes from extensive coaching experience throughout all levels of playing experience.

Being able to relate just as easily to the beginner starting out as to the high level junior who may go onto be the next big thing is a major benefit.

Finally, additional resources can play a big role in giving customers value for money. It is a given that the online course itself should be thorough, both broad and deep in high quality content, accessible and progressive.

However, to really take things to the next level, make additional resources available such as custom fittings, fitness advice, journals, trackers, match charts or ongoing support services.

The Best Online Tennis Coaching to Improve Your Game from Home

Here is our roundup of some of the best online tennis coaching providers that will help you improve your game from home. There are many more great options out there today, but these are just some of our favourites!

The Tennis Bros is your one stop shot for high level online tennis coaching. We offer coaching courses on both singles and doubles tactics, different types of serves, return, volleying, forehand, backhand and footwork guide.

We also offer the option to purchase Our Entire Vault, so you get the complete package at a discounted price!


  • The Tennis Bros offers a full suite of online tennis coaching courses, covering all shots and tactics for both singles and doubles.
  • We have combined playing experience from the Bros themselves, along with our resident high performance coach Dave Ireland. He has over 28 years of professional coaching experience, holding positions such as LTA National Junior and Junior International Team Coach. In his playing days, Dave played at 3 of the 4 grand slams and was a former Junior GB No.1. He has many years of experience competing on the challenger tour so is a great asset to your online tennis coaching arsenal.
  • We also offer loads of additional resources such as performance tips, racket and string reviews and a bespoke custom fitting service. These tools will give you everything you need to take every area of your game to the next level.


  • There is too much to choose from! Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start at But, checking out our free performance tips, racket reviews, string reviews is a great start. Then, if you need more help finding a tailored racket, string and tension recommendations, our Custom Fitting Service is here to help!

Top Tennis Training

Top Tennis Training is one of the longest standing online tennis coaching providers on the internet.

They have a great Youtube Channel that offers free in depth coaching tips for beginner, intermediate and advanced level players.

Their online courses feature lessons with legends of the game such as David Nalbandian, David Ferrer and Tommy Robredo.

Their website is clean and well presented. It features a blog, VIP area and options to purchase their online courses.


  • Highly credible coaches. Simon and Alex have been at it for years and both have competed on the ATP Tour. Alex in particular reached British No. 4 and has played at Wimbledon.
  • Top Tennis Training has worked with some of the world’s best players. Their tips with David Ferrer, David Nalbandian and Tommy Robredo give you an insight into the minds of the greats. This level of accessibility is something that not many other online tennis coaching platforms can match.
  • Their free content on Youtube is also extremely popular. They offer easy to follow, step by step instructional videos that will help you improve your game.


  • At times their video and audio quality is not the sharpest out there.

Top Court

Top Court has the online tennis coaching world licked for a stable of professional players!

They offer tips, tricks, drills and stories from players like Chris Evert, Venus Williams, Grigor Dimitrov, Sascha Zverev, Nick Kyrgios and Fernando Verdasco. As professional player credibility goes, it doesn’t get any better than this!


  • Tips and tricks from over 50 of the world’s best players and coaches.
  • Reasonable price of $15 per month subscription.
  • Very visually appealing, professionally designed home page and content structure.


  • Can be seen as a little impersonal and out of reach for beginners or lower level club players.

What is the Best Online Tennis Coaching Course?

Overall, there are many online tennis coaching course providers out there today. This gives recreational players an abundance of choice to seek out exactly what they want to learn, and from who.

Whichever online coaching platform you choose, make sure you are getting great value for money, high quality content and detailed but concise tennis lessons.

We believe our content here at is the best out there. Our all round approach that covers absolute beginners all the way up to professionals is accessible, high quality and detailed.

We also offer plenty of free content such as performance tips and equipment advice, as well as our unique custom fitting service!

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