Tennis Evolution – Jeff Salzenstein Review

Online tennis instruction has boomed in recent years. There are an awful lot of online training courses out there, along with a lot of free content on Youtube.

Often, having a credible pro or coach teach these courses helps them to stand out from the crowd and attract a larger online following.

So, we have been taking a look at Jeff Salzenstein, creator of Tennis Evolution.

This is an online tennis coaching provider offering shot specific advice, tactical blueprints, fitness instruction and masterclasses.

Jeff also differentiates between right and left handers in his courses, a unique feature that sets his programmes apart.

A major part of the Tennis Evolution coaching package is monthly membership.

Jeff offers both free and paid for monthly membership options, which give access to a wide array of tips, tricks and features.

So, let’s dig deeper into the Tennis Evolution world and understand if it is something special, or just another online tennis course.

Who is Jeff Salzenstein?

Jeff was a professional tennis player on the ATP tour through the 1990s and early 2000s.

He was ranked within the world’s top 100 for both singles and doubles and went to Stanford University.

The majority of Jeff’s professional career was spent on the Challenger Tour, playing 245 matches on the circuit.

He also played on the main ATP tour 55 times, including 7 matches at Grand Slams (he has played at all 4 of the Grand Slams) and 9 at Masters 1000 level.

During his career, Jeff suffered from a few serious injuries that held him back, making him even more determined to break into the top 100 in the world, no matter how long it took!

Jeff was the first American tennis player to reach the world’s top 100 over the age of 30 and he retired from professional tennis in 2006 aged 33.

He then uploaded his first coaching video to Youtube video in 2010, followed by the first Tennis Evolution course on the forehand in 2011.

Since then, Tennis Evolution has gained over 84,000 Youtube subscribers and offers 29 different courses on their website.

Jeff is clearly a passionate and knowledgeable coach, that has high level playing experience and a personable delivery.

He speaks from experience when it comes to coaching tips and his observations, both as a successful player and a coach.

Jeff’s Youtube Channel

Jeff features in most of the instructional coaching videos on his Tennis Evolution Youtube channel.

The majority of his videos are around the 10 minute mark in length, meaning there is enough time to cover a good amount of content, but it is certainly not dragged out for the sake of it.

Tennis Evolution features 44 separate playlists, all dedicated towards helping you improve your tennis.

These cover some very specific advice such as how to hit the buggy whip forehand, to tactical guides to vlogs and livestreams.

Jeff had to battle various injuries throughout his career, so he pays particular attention to injury prevention, fitness and tennis specific conditioning exercises.

He has a playlist and even some online courses dedicated to this area of the game, which adds another flavour to his content.

The Tennis Evolution Youtube channel aims to bring online tennis instruction to the masses, and it certainly does that by catering to the masses.

The content is varied, useful, entertaining and applicable.

Also, the quality of the videos from the Youtube channel is very good.

Compared to other tennis instructional channels, the editing, sound and video quality and structure of Tennis Evolution’s content makes it easy to digest.

This coupled with Jeff’s clear, concise and informative explanations make the coaching points easy to understand.

This in turn helps you to retain the points and put them into practice on court.

Jeff will tend to mix up his content too.

Not only does he produce coaching videos, but he will also make predictions of upcoming Grand Slam tournaments, analyse professional players’ shots and sometimes brings in professional players to give their insights!

Another useful feature that Jeff uses effectively in his Tennis Evolution videos is the chapter functionality.

Youtube allows creators to annotate specific sections of their videos to tell the viewer exactly what is going on in each section.

This is extremely handy if you are looking for a specific part in a video, or if you are using it as a coach to expand on a point in a lesson.

You have the ability to identify a specific coaching point, saving you time.

Jeff and his team are also very active in the comments section under their Youtube videos.

This is a great sign as it shows they genuinely care about their community and want others to benefit and learn from their content.

They aren’t just there to plug courses.

You will often see Tennis Evolution replying to comments where a viewer has asked for more detail on an instruction or challenges a train of thought Jeff has.

This makes for some healthy debate which is always good in the online community!

Jeff’s Website

The Tennis Evolution website gives a good overview of Jeff himself, what the courses have to offer and some testimonials from their students.

This is pretty standard stuff for most online tennis courses, but the way it is laid out and presented gives a professional feel.

There is certainly an air of credibility around the Tennis Evolution website.

It mentions the different publications that have featured Jeff’s courses and training programmes, along with some free instructional videos to give visitors a taste of what is to come.

Navigate around site and you will find the sign up button, where you can subscribe to Jeff’s email content.

These come in the form of tennis myths, tips and stories which are designed to help you improve your game, whilst promoting the site’s coaching programmes.

Tennis Evolution offers 18 free coaching videos that are readily available to viewers.

These are useful and informative and set the tone for what is to come in the paid for coaching videos.

The Plus Gold paid membership costs $37 per month, giving you access to Jeff himself for coaching support, along with 14 foundation courses from the foundation programme.

Most of the foundation courses are priced between $50 and $150 roughly, whereas the tennis mastery courses can be as high as $400.

Whilst Tennis Evolution do offer payment plans on the more expensive courses, this is quite steep for an online course.

That being said, the content is certainly useful, content rich, informative and can help you improve your game!

Is Jeff’s Content Useful?

In a nutshell, yes!

Jeff offers a wide range of different types, covering practically all you would ever need to know in terms of tennis instruction.

The Tennis Evolution Youtube channel has a wealth of free content, which does make me wonder how much more the paid courses can really add…

Regardless, overall the content that Jeff and Tennis Evolution is some of the most informative, interesting and in depth out there on the internet.

They clearly put a lot of time and effort into the content they produce, both on Youtube, via email and on the Tennis Evolution website. And the quality reflects that!


Overall, Jeff Salzenstein’s Tennis Evolution Youtube channel and coaching courses are some of the best on the internet.

He is knowledgeable, experienced and presents his ideas in a clear manner, making the content he produces easy to digest and implement.

Whilst some of the courses that Tennis Evolution offer are expensive, the majority seem to offer good value.

Although this could be debated when you consider just how good their Youtube content is!

We would recommend taking a good look through their Youtube channel, particularly if you are looking to improve a certain area of your game.

Try and implement the tactics, teaching points and strategies that Jeff teaches and see how it works.

Then perhaps consider one of Tennis Evolution’s courses if this works for you!

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