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Fitness and movement have become fundamental parts of being a good tennis player in the modern game.

As tennis has become a lot more popular and is now a global sport, many more young, athletic people that may have otherwise chosen to play soccer or take up athletics for example are now playing tennis.

This is great for the sport as the modern game has become a lot more competitive and physical, meaning that hard work really does pay off if you are looking to be a successful tennis player, be that at recreational or professional level.

As the physicality of the game, racket technology and tennis shoe technology has advanced over the years, footwork in tennis has become even more important.

Being in the right place at the right time and being able to move quickly and efficiently is a great asset to have on the court.

We now see super athletes like Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Kei Nishikori at the top of the men’s game.

These would have historically been considered to be defensive players that mainly rely on their physicality and fitness to win their matches.

Seeing these types of players at the top of the rankings and winning so many major tournaments, rather than the likes of big servers like Pete Sampras in the early 1990s shows how important footwork and fitness is in the modern game.

However, whilst it can be relatively straightforward to learn more about technique and tactics, improving your tennis specific footwork and fitness may not be so easy.

I mean, you can consult a coach at your local tennis club, seek out online courses or even just watch Youtube videos to improve your technique and tactics.

But improving your tennis specific fitness takes time and effort and footwork is something that really requires purposeful repetition.

Therefore, a programme that promises to improve both your tennis footwork and fitness levels would of course be a very interesting prospect for a tennis player looking for an all in one guide.

This is what the Martin Method attempts to do with their fitness programmes.

So, is the Martin Method fitness regime really a game changer in the tennis world, or is it just another online fitness course?

Well, let’s take a closer look and find out!

What Is the Martin Method?

The Martin Method fitness programme was developed by Nathan and Giselle Martin over 15 years ago.

From their experience training professional tennis players such as Lleyton Hewitt, Monica Seles, Sam Stosur and Martina Navratilova, they have developed a detailed yet versatile fitness programme.

The programme focuses on all areas of tennis fitness, from agility to power to speed.

Crucially, it also helps to develop sound tennis footwork patterns, helping you to move efficiently across the court and get to the ball as easily as possible.

The pair are based in Sydney Australia and have a number of additional fitness trainers and even a dedicated nutritionist that make for a well rounded, high quality team.

Whilst their programme is primarily founded on the basis of professional player development, they have a number of different online programmes aimed at beginners to high ranking professionals.

They have really drilled down and nailed the basis here, as they are keen to point out a focus on junior player development, aiming to build the next crop of successful players from the ground up.

Taking a look at the Martin Method Tennis Fitness website, it is clear to see that they are a professional team that strives for the best.

Their homepage is detailed with testimonials from some of the world’s best players, a comprehensive look at what the team offers and all of the benefits of taking part in their programme.

There are multiple ways in which to learn tennis fitness and footwork from the Martin method, be it online or in person.

This brings a more personal touch to an otherwise online based fitness product, something that is lacking in the industry today.

The website also features a range of useful resources alongside the online programmes themselves.

You can listen to the Martin method podcast, read up on the blog, learn about the Martin method in more detail on their ‘About Us’ tab.

What’s more, you can purchase fitness equipment and additional services from the online shop.

So whether you’re looking for private tennis fitness instruction, want to buy the ‘Building a tennis champion’ book or are looking to improve your strength and conditioning using resistance bands, the Martin method online store has you covered!

The website also features a range of articles teaching about the different areas of tennis specific fitness.

These cover speed, endurance, power, injury prevention, yoga and even drills for kids.

If this wasn’t enough, the Martin method team also offers a personalised fitness assessment so they can tailor their programme to suit your needs.

There is also the option for a live video consultation if you still want the personal experience but would rather do it remotely.

What Does It Teach?

The Martin method offers a range of different courses, so no matter what your playing level or fitness goals, you’ll be able to find a programme to suit your needs.

If you are unsure of which Martin method programme to go for, they offer a helpful comparison table to compare all of their courses. They really have thought of everything!

The Martin method courses range from around $30 to $170, which is very reasonable considering the prices that some online tennis instructors charge.

One of their stand out programmes is their total tennis home workout guide, which brings all of the professionalism of the tried and tested Martin method to your own home!

It really helps you make the most of minimal equipment and shows that you can get a tennis specific workout in any time, anywhere you like!

Martin Method also offers courses specifically for over 40s, a tennis speed and agility programme, along with a social tennis strength and conditioning programme.

You can even get junior and high performance versions of the strength and conditioning programmes, making the Martin method incredibly versatile.

Moreover, Martin method also offers additional courses for your ongoing development.

You can train to give sports massages, focus on injury prevention or even improve the mental side of your game.

All of the Martin method programmes focus on professionalism and accessibility.

Therefore, they encourage heart beat raising warm ups, gradually building up the levels of intensity and advocate warming down and stretching at the end of your session.

So, no matter which area of the Martin method you are focussing on, you will get a high quality tennis specific workout every time!

The programme is very intuitive to follow along to, as they set out all of the exercises along with timings and pictures demonstrating how to perform each movement.

This is essential when looking to improve your tennis fitness specifically, as many players can be tempted to skip the often repetitive and mundane exercises in their routine and skip straight to playing.

However, this puts them at risk of injury and ultimately hampers their development.

Therefore, the fact that the Martin method is so well laid out and easy to use increases adherence to the programme and makes following it a lot less mentally taxing.

Takeaways: Martin Method

Overall, the Martin method fitness programme is founded on the principles of professionalism, accessibility and providing a user friendly experience.

They offer a wide range of products and services, which allows them to cater to the needs of tennis players regardless of their playing experience.

You can trust the Martin method to deliver results, as there are a multitude of testimonials on their website from former world number 1s and budding club players alike.

Whilst there is a lot of high quality free information out there for tennis players to learn from, the Martin method programmes are reasonably priced and deliver the best content in an easy to use package.

This makes the course easy to adhere to, which is a fundamental element of a good fitness regime.

It is well worth checking out the Martin method (tennis fitness) website to learn more about their programmes, online store, podcast, articles and blog if you are looking to improve your tennis fitness.

There is a load of very insightful information that is well worth getting stuck into!

Then, if you like what you see and want to opt for one of their more personal or in depth services, the Martin method team gives you the option to drop them an email and they’ll get back to you with a response.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Martin method programme today!

Final Thoughts

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