Tennis Express Review

Tennis express is one of America’s leading online tennis retailers.

They offer everything from rackets to strings to on court equipment and have a very popular Youtube channel too!

This area of the tennis market is a very competitive one, with big names such as Tennis Warehouse dominating the market for a long period of time.

So, Tennis Express being a slightly less known and smaller presence online could well hold them back and undermine their credibility.

However, they have a long standing Youtube channel and website that features a range of deals, offers and additional services to set them apart from their competition.

But just how useful is the Tennis Express website and Youtube channel?

Are they great sources of useful content or are they just marketing gimmicks? Well, we are here to find out!

What Exactly Is Tennis Express?

Based in Houston, Texas Tennis Express is a full-service premium tennis retailer that offers a wide range of goods and services.

Their team pride themselves on customer service and their hands on approach, which is great for the budding tennis player that is looking to get some advice on new equipment to improve their game.

Tennis Express have both a website and a popular Youtube channel that feed into their business.

Primarily, Tennis Express is a premium pro shop that offers the latest playing equipment at competitive prices.

However, they also have a Youtube channel with around 17,000 subscribers that features some of the most popular product reviews on the internet!

They review everything from rackets to shoes to strings and their play testers are usually recreational players, making their reviews a lot more relatable for the average customer.

Tennis Express do also offer a range of services outside of just their retail store however.

The brand also has their own podcast, offers a racket demo service, a blog and a mail in stringing service.

They really do offer all things to all people at Tennis Express and clearly have excellent customer reviews for good reason!

The Tennis Express YouTube Channel

The Tennis Express Youtube channel is an extremely informative resource for anyone looking to purchase a new tennis racket, gear or shoes.

It features over 560 racket reviews and 230 tennis shoe reviews, as well as nearly 250 men’s and women’s apparel guides.

They have clearly done their research in terms of breadth, since there is hardly a brand or product range they haven’t reviewed!

But not only that, their reviews are detailed and descriptive, whilst being down to earth and accessible.

This is one of the key strengths of the Tennis Express Youtube channel.

They pride themselves on their excellent customer service and certainly deliver on that given how much effort clearly goes into their Youtube channel!

It is very clearly laid out and therefore easy to navigate. This makes finding exactly what you are looking for on the channel a breeze.

However, if you are after a specific model or review, you can simply search for it on Youtube and a Tennis Express review will almost certainly appear in the top 3 results!

The Tennis Express team of reviewers and play testers is always varied which is great for getting different perspectives on how a particular racket, string or shoe feels to different individuals.

This variety really helps to add credibility to their reviews, as well as appealing to an even wider audience.

Taking a look at some of their most popular videos, there is a range of tips and tricks along with popular racket reviews.

Not only are the Tennis Express team helpful by offering pointers such as ‘how to replace an overgrip’ and ‘how to install a dampener’, but they also review all of the most cutting edge and popular tennis rackets.

This is becoming a highly competitive space with the likes of Tennis Warehouse and other, smaller independent racket review channels coming to fruition in recent times.

However, Tennis Express have stayed on top of their game by offering honest, relatable and concise reviews that give you what you need to know in an easy to consume package.

Their racket reviews are direct and to the point and offer a relatable view, whilst giving enough detail to give you a feel for what the racket is all about.

The staff and play testers are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and clearly present well on camera.

These factors mean that their reviews often sit at the top of search pages when looking for practically any tennis racket out there!

What’s also great is that you can actually see footage of the play testers hitting whilst they are commenting on how the racket played in the review.

This gives you a real tangible insight into how they felt the racket performed as well as a guide as to their playing level whilst you’re watching.

Their slow motion cameras also add to the production value of their reviews, giving them a more professional and well put together feel overall.

The Tennis Express Website

The Tennis Express website is very intuitive to navigate around and has an awful lot of information on it.

If you have watched one of their reviews on Youtube and find yourself looking to purchase a product on their website, there is a natural carry over of the branding and content which makes the whole experience congruent.

The thing that makes the Tennis Express website so appealing is the range of products and services it has to offer.

In terms of products, they literally offer everything you could possibly wish for as a tennis player!

From all of the latest rackets and shoes, to ball machines and stringing machines, Tennis Express have got you covered!

There is also a handy section that details their current deals and offers, so you can be sure to get the best price possible when shopping on the website.

The one thing that could be made a bit more clear on their website however is actually finding and using the additional services they offer.

Whilst it is easy to see the vast range of products they offer right at the top of the home page, you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find their additional services.

This is a shame as their additional services such as mail-in stringing, order tracking, racket demo service and buyers guides are well worth advertising more prominently!

Are They Any Good?

In a word, yes! The Tennis Express brand offers a wide array of products and services and it is no wonder why they are such a popular retailer.

What really sets them apart from the crowd is their attention to detail, outstanding customer service and additional services.

They are far more than just a tennis goods retailer, as their extensive Youtube channel has been around for over a decade now.

A lot of their videos have views in the tens of thousands despite the channel having a relatively small subscriber base.

This means that a lot of people are getting a lot of value out of their individual videos which shows just how useful and informative they are!

Their wide range of additional services offers a fantastic all in one service that players of all levels can benefit from.

Their demo service is a real plus point in particular, as customers can effectively try before they buy, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of an expensive purchase such as a new tennis racket.

You can also demo up to 3 rackets to compare and they will mail them to you directly!

Overall, Tennis Express is a great tennis specialist brand that really does it all.

Their informative Youtube channel really adds to their customer experience and makes them feel like a trustworthy, personable brand to buy from.

Takeaways: Tennis Express Review

Ultimately, Tennis Express has become a real dominant force in the US tennis retailer market.

Whilst they have been around for a number of years now, there are certainly larger brands in this highly competitive space.

However, Tennis Express have really set themselves apart thanks to their wide range of additional services and excellent product reviews on their Youtube channel.

Their reviews are informative, entertaining and above all, concise.

They strike a really good balance between giving you enough information and insight to make a confident buying decision, without going overloading you with too much technical detail.

They come across as a very down to earth and relatable brand that you can trust.

Final Thoughts

Tennis Express may be a great option, but they're not the only one. Before you buy any tennis equipment, we always recommend you check out! Just like us, their team is all about helping you get the best equipment, so check them out.

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