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About Head

Head is another giant of the tennis racket world, and they’ve equipped some of the legends of the game. Andre Agassi, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic are just some of the big names to use this diverse selection of rackets. 

Head offers six main racket lines, Radical, Speed, Prestige, Gravity, Extreme, and Instinct, all of which offer something slightly different to their users.

Tour pros include:

For decades, Head has consistently been producing top-quality rackets and they continue to innovate, recently introducing their newest line, Gravity. 

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The Head Range

Head Subcategories


The S series of rackets offer a more user friendly option for beginner and intermediate players, with a reduced weight and more open string patterns. The S rackets are there to help out players who are still learning and developing their game. 


The MP rackets are Head’s middle ground rackets. Weight wise, they come in between the Pro and the S rackets and they look to balance performance and usability. 

Best suited to intermediate and lower level advanced players, these rackets will suit a wide variety of players. 


The Pro models are geared towards performance. They are heavier, with bigger swingweights, and more closed string patterns. 

These rackets are aimed at experienced, advanced players who are confident in their strings. 


Like Babolat and Wilson, Head has a range of lite rackets which are perfect for beginners, and younger players. These rackets are easy to swing, but they are not geared towards performance at a high level.